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Chapter 34

4 minute read

After their encounter with the harpies, the group is ready to put down in the sea somewhere around the island. Based on their reconnaissance, Cap’n Don provi...

Chapter 33

8 minute read

The adventurers suddenly find themselves flying above the ocean, gliding upward towards the first layer of clouds. Looking down from the railings, they can s...

Chapter 32

12 minute read

Bilwin wakes up where he passed out the night before, lying on the sand at the edge of the glade where he sparred with Gven. The storm is gone and the sky is...

Chapter 31

8 minute read

“You’re an interesting sight. Curious what brought you here. Won’t you come closer so we can converse without yelling.” It was more of a command than a reque...

Chapter 30

10 minute read

It’s been a few days since the crew survived the young kraken’s attack and everyone is settling into their respective roles around the Iron Vulture.

Chapter 29

6 minute read

It’s their first day at sea on the Iron Vulture. They left Elsemar’s harbor close to midday, headed towards the mythical island of Amonah, although the harbo...

Chapter 28

14 minute read

Standing off to the side of the stone-laid street, the large half-orc throws back the hood of his coat, seeming to invite the rain to touch his face. Even in...

Chapter 27

7 minute read

The bolt smashes against the chalkboard, embedding itself amidst the scribbles and notations from Professor Verin. Everyone turns to see two cloaked figures ...

Chapter 26

4 minute read

The group wakes mid-morning on the Iron Vulture to find the predicted rainstorm has arrived. It is akin to a verical river. They head to the Broken Spy Glas...

Chapter 25

6 minute read

Having left Tella at the Broken Spy Glass, the group returns to the Iron Vulture to discuss their next steps. Pretty quickly, they agree to investigate Davan...

Chapter 24

7 minute read

It’s early evening when the group makes it back to the Iron Vulture and settles into the common area below deck to discuss their next move. Only a few minute...

Chapter 23

7 minute read

It’s mid-morning and the group has settled into their quarters on the Iron Vulture. Not wanting to waste any time, they hatch a plan to investigate Davanor’s...

Chapter 22

8 minute read

After wrapping up with the city guard at Waffle Wizards, the group walks over to Dolly’s Donuts to give them the news. Dolly and her crew are happy to have t...

Chapter 21

6 minute read

Leaving Grinder’s Mill, the adventurers head back to Food Alley and Waffle Wizards to find out if they have anything to do with the odd goings-ons with the n...

Chapter 20

7 minute read

Having defeated the animated pastries, Fred, the half-orc pastry chef at Dolly’s Donuts, says in his slow, dry voice, “do or donut, there is no try.”

Chapter 19

1 minute read

The adventurers gather around Tella to hear about this job he wants them to take on, as new members of the Heart of the People.

Chapter 18

4 minute read

Gven leaves the Broken Spy Glass through the back door and makes her way through the alleys around the building to the front of the pub. She stops at the cor...

Chapter 17

7 minute read

The adventurers return to the Broken Spy Glass and are soon joined by Rightside, who has discovered that Davanor is an interesting character. He’s referred t...

Chapter 16

7 minute read

For brevity’s sake, the narrator has left out much of the dialog and banter, although it was quite entertaining in the moments.

Chapter 15

14 minute read

After vanquishing the gnolls and investigating the hill giant’s lair—finding quite a bit of loot, much to their surprise—the group heads back down the mounta...