Google Cloud Billing - Committed use discounts

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Before reading…

  • Target Audience: This doc set is geared towards the individuals responsible for managing the billing aspects of Google Cloud customers. The group is commonly referred to as FinOps (Financial Operations) and their familiarity with technology can vary significantly, depending on their individual role, from (less technical) administrators, accountants, and data analysts to (more technical) developers and engineers.
  • Scenario: The customers are interested in receiving discounts for the Google Cloud products they’re currently purchasing and become aware of committed use discounts (CUDs). This doc set explains what CUDs are, how they work, how to sign up for them, and how to interpret or analyze the results in their billing cost reports.
  • Sources: I wrote 90% of the content and edited the 10% that previously existed, with peer writers providing feedback and suggested edits through the review process. The information was derived from regular meetings with Technical Program Managers (TPM) and engineers. I tested the steps and processess in pre-release versions/environments.

…and here are the samples.

The current version of the following documents are available at Google Cloud. Because the content will continue to evolve, I’ve captured the work I did in the following PDF files. Additionally, because “print to PDF” removes much of a web site’s styling, I’ve included screenshot images of how the page looked at the time it was published.

Doc (pdf) Screenshot Live link
Committed use discounts screenshot Google Cloud
Attribution of committed use discounts fees and credits screenshot Google Cloud
Committed use discount recommender screenshot Google Cloud
Spend-based committed use discounts screenshot Google Cloud
Overview of committed use discounts reports screenshot Google Cloud
Analyze the effectiveness of your resource-based committed use discounts screenshot Google Cloud
Analyze the effectiveness of your spend-based committed use discounts screenshot Google Cloud